Despite limitations, publishers plot more augmented reality for 2019

“Years after AR and VR captured headlines in the industry, it’s finally starting to look like publishers are figuring out what format they’re going to bet on — and how it’s going to work. In theory, a publisher might be able to sell advertisers augmented reality lens or app development as a service, but that space has grown competitive. Barely two years after augmented reality ads on Snapchat cost half a million dollars, an agency today can buy a sponsored lens for just $50.

And developers who might once have been able to charge big bucks to develop the lenses themselves are seeing those prices dwindle, too: The price for a simple sponsored lens might come in in the low five figures, according to Anrick Bregman, a certified Snapchat Lens creator and the founder of digital content studio ANRK…”

“Despite limitations, publishers plot more augmented reality for 2019”

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