VOS Digital Media Group.

The VOS platform seamlessly integrates with any publishing software to provide efficient content licensing, delivery and monetization at scale


Publisher Benefits

  • Out-of-Box Integrations with Leading Platforms – Seamless interactivity with Brightcove, Ooyala, YouTube, Limelight and more

  • Universal Terms of Service – Access hundreds of content sources with a single contract

  • Multilingual Inventory – Content library spanning leading languages in all major content verticals

  • Multi-tiered User Controls – Configurable access across all levels of editorial use

  • Customized Metadata – Dynamic transformation of source metadata to your organization’s in-house standards

Creator Benefits

  • All-Inclusive Video Upload – Universal ingestion, encoding & transcoding, automated metadata optimization, and more

  • Advanced Geo-fencing Controls – International distribution rights controls for targeted, secure video access

  • GEO Brand Relevance – Target specific global markets for heightened relevance and exposure

  • Worldwide Sales Pipeline – Increase global distribution to international media companies

  • Advanced Editorial Controls – Deep curation toolset for single videos or entire collections



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